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    Teeners 13-15    
Cal Ripken
    Rookies (7s)    
    Minors A (8s)    
    Minors AA (9s)    
    Minors AAA (10s)    
    Majors Gold    
    Majors Blue    

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BYC Fall Baseball 2014


  1. Fall Ball runs early September after Labor Day through late October.
  2. Teams are formed in August.  Weekend games are scheduled usually on Sunday afternoons.
  3. Practices are typically limited and optional dependent on the team, coach and age group.
    What’s New?
  4. In-season clinics and instruction.
  5. Interleague play opportunities with other clubs.
  6. Age Division re-alignment.


Why the changes?

  1. Our goal is the best baseball experience for your child. 
    Fall player registration numbers support right-sizing divisions to balance game competition.
  2. Feedback from multiple age groups support more ability based competition.  This benefits both higher-level players through increased competition and increases opportunities for intramural only players.
  3. Spring 12 year old Majors Gold players will have the option of competing in the fall on the same size field (46/60) or beginning the transition to the bigger Teener 60/90 fields.



  1. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to baseball via email at


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